Today after class I went to the Makola market with my friend to get material for some clothes I want to get made.  The market had some really beautiful fabrics but this time I only got 2 yards to make a skirt. My friend had some more fabric that she left at the tailor that she didn’t want anymore so Im going to use that fabric to get a blazer made. I am super excited! And a bit nervous because I don’t know how much the tailor is going to charge me…remember how I told you how there is no set price on a lot of stuff that is sold on the street, the asking price depends on how much the vender thinks he can squeeze out of you.  So instead of agreeing on a price while I was at the tailor my friend is going to talk to him later today on the phone to discuss his price.  She said she will try to get him to charge 10 Cedi for the two things he’s making, otherwise he might charge me over 30 Cedi.  If he agrees and the skirt and jacket come out nice I will be going back to him when I get my moms and sisters dresses made. Oh yea, and I got some Shea Butter finally…my hair will thank me later :)